Moor Pool Allotment Association

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Welcome to the Moor Pool Allotment Association website. The allotments are an intrinsic part of the historic Moor Pool garden suburb founded by John Sutton Nettlefold. The Association is here to represent the interests of its Members and ensure the maximum use of the allotments in an appropriate manner.

Our Members will be guardians of an important aspect of Britain's social history. That carries responsibilities beyond the self interest of having and managing an allotment. Future visitors to Moor Pool will be looking at the allotments in the context of the history of the garden suburb movement. Moor Pool, with the number of allotments it retains, is an exemplary example which should promote not only the interests of the Allotment Association, but also the Moor Pool Heritage Trust, as it seeks ways to fund and maintain the Estate in the future.

We have what we have in the way of allotments, because residents fought a heated battle in 2006-2009 to save them. Many could have been built upon. We now have a responsibility to ensure that having saved the majority, we bring them back into use, respect and look after them.
John Sutton Nettlefold
First attempt at carrots.
The satisfaction of growing your own.
You can do it too!
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